Friday, March 04, 2005

10 Tips for Writing Effective Web Copy

On the Internet programmers and designers rule, not the writer. Yet words drive targeted traffic to your site, carry content, make the sale, convey marketing messages, persuade people to buy and make the difference between your site’s success or failure.

Want to know how to write proper web site copy? This article provides 10 useful writing tips helping you develop web site content or to write articles.

Here are 10 tips for writing effective web copy:

  1. Make sure content is easy to read
  2. Write from me to you
  3. Drive Actions With Content
  4. Write for how people search
  5. Create Effective Headings
  6. Write keyword-rich title tags
  7. Provide links and connections
  8. Write effective summaries, sentences and paragraphs
  9. Sell Benefits not Features
  10. Edit. Edit. Edit. Then edit again
Read the full article by Julia Hyde.


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