Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Increase the Conversion Rates of Your Landing Page

A landing page is typically created to serve one specific purpose or goal -- eg. to drive sales for a specific product, to generate leads, to obtain event registrations, etc.

To achieve this goal (and to increase the conversion rates of your landing page), Ralph Wilson states in his e-book "How to Develop a Landing Page that Closes the Sale" that every element on the landing page should point the prospect to that specific goal.

You should stay focussed on this goal:

  • Don't distract your prospects with additional links to other parts of your website: they'll get lost, confused and eventually leave your website without doing what you want them to do.
  • Do provide several types of links to your offer: a text link, a button, an image. People like to feel that they have a choice.
You should also avoid that people need to scroll to the bottom of your page to find out what the offer is. Make sure to provide enough opportunities for the prospect to "click-through" to your offer: mention it prominently above the fold, in the middle and at the bottom of your landing page.


kundalini said...

Have you read this e-book Tamara?

How does it compare with the Marketing Sherpa Landing page handbook?

Which would you recommend?

kundalini said...

I'm not sure I agree with you on this.

If you are doing lead generation, offering a free white paper, e-course or similar, then I would agree.

But if you are trying to sell something I am not at all convinced of the logic of telling people the price before they have a chance to decide they want it.

People buy on emotion but justify using logic. That's what all the studies suggest. So giving them a reason to reject you early on seems like a big mistake to me.